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Drop ONE DRESS SIZE in just 3 weeks... or 2 DRESS SIZES in 90 days!

Here is what our Bridal Bootcamps offer:
Complete Nutritional Evaluation:
Includes a one hour nutritional evaluation to determine your vitamin/mineral & enzyme deficiencies, dehydration & oxygen levels, food malabsorption & assimilation of protein, fats, sugars and carbohydrates and any food allergy indications.
Customized Diet Plan:
Includes a customized eating plan for your personal body chemistry, metabolism, food preferences and lifestyle.
Personal Training Bootcamp:
Includes Cardio & Strength Training your body with a professional Personal Trainer. Small group bootcamps provide a perfect motivational environment to accelerate weight loss.
Weekly Weigh-In:
Includes a weekly weigh-in to determine whether you are burning off fat or muscle. Our highly sophisticated weigh-in scale measures body fat, muscle percentage and hydration levels.
Monthly Measurements:
Each month we like to measure your progress and establish any dietary changes needed to perpetuate weight loss so you can achieve your personal fitness and weight loss goals.
PS:   Before and After photos are optional but well worth it!

Here's what some of our Brides say about our Bootcamps...

My wedding day is November 26th and I wanted to start early in getting my body in the best shape I could for my Wedding Day. I saw an ad about Better Bodys' Bridal Bootcamps from the Perfect Wedding Guide. I signed up for my 90 day program and cannot believe the changes I have made in my shape and my health within the first 6 weeks. Everyone tells me I have really slimmed down and I have never looked so good or felt better. My fiancee was so motivated by my results that he signed up at a local gym to lose weight also. I couldn't be happier with how the bootcamps pushed the best out of me. I continue to work on my eating habits because I still like my comfort foods but I am improving more and more everyday. Best thing I ever did and recommend any bride to do this!..
Arianne, Deerfield Beach

I heard about the Bridal Bootcamps from the Manager at Alfred Angelos Bridal Dresses. I had just bought the most beautiful size 18 bride dress and they told me they could adjust the size down 2 more sizes if I decided to start losing weight. I hate excercising but having a Personal Trainer run the Bridal Bootcamp is much different than pushing myself to go to the gym. Once I signed up, I had to turn up or I would miss out. I loved the group of brides I worked out with and I loved how stronger and healthier I was becoming. When I was measured after the first 30 days I was in shock that I had lost a size and half, 3 1/2 inches off my waist, an inch and a half off both thighs and 4 inches off my hip. I didn't know if to be happy or disappointed because I knew if I dropped more than a half size more I would have to find another dress. I had already dropped 17 lbs in one month with Better Body and had another 60 days before my wedding day. I finally decided to keep losing weight because if I could get down from a size 18 to a size 12 with someone guiding me in my bootcamp I would be a very happy bride and besides I could always place my dress on E-bay. Luckily, one of the other brides at Bootcamp was trying to get down to a size 16 so she offered to buy my dress from me. I still have a month to go and the wedding is getting close but I just love what Better Body has done for me...
Jessica, Tamarac
I signed up for the Bridal Bootcamp in February because my wedding is September 17th. I love the environment, I love the group workout and having our own Personal Trainer guiding me to workout is better than I would ever push myself. I was pretty sore the first week but that disappeared quickly. After my first month measurements I lost 4 1/4 inches off my waist and 2 inches off both my thighs. I couldn't have been happier with the results. I am still in Bootcamp and intend to sign up for another 90 days because it is so motivating meeting up with the other brides knowing we are all there trying to do the same thing.....look absolutely beautiful for the most important day of our lives. I tell everyone I meet they should invest the small amount of money it costs to lose the weight and get all that education about how to exercise, what to do for what body part and how to eat healthier. Just knowing the foods that make you thin makes a big difference when you are trying to lose weight.
I am really happy with what I look like so far and recommend these Bridal Bootcamps to any Bride trying to lose weight before their Wedding Day...
Melanie, Pompano Beach
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